2011 Olympic Silver Coins

The 2011 Olympic Silver Coin will be the third release of the United States Mint in 2011 to be part of the Mint's America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coin® Program. Each of these strikes also marks the eighth coin in the program overall which debuted in 2010.

A total of fifty-six new coins will be released in the program by the time it is completed in 2021. Coins will be issued at a rate of five per year and each will honor a different site of national interest with a reverse design emblematic of the location. One site was chosen from each state, the District of Columbia and the five territories of the United States.

This specific silver bullion coin honors Olympic National Park which is located in the state of Washington. Olympic was originally established as Mount Olympus National Monument in 1909, but re-named and redesignated to its current title in 1938.

Olympic National Park is located on an isolated peninsula, cut off from the rest of the main-land by a high mountain range. That separation has helped the area within the park remain relatively unchanged for centuries. Even the flora and fauna in the park are considered mostly endemic to the region.

Olympic Silver Coin Design

A portrait of George Washington, the first President of the United States, will be joined on the obverse of these coins with the inscriptions 'United States of America,' 'Quarter Dollar,' 'Liberty' and 'In God We Trust'. The portrait was designed by John Flanagan for the 1932 circulating quarter dollar and has been used in one form or another on the quarter ever since.

The inscriptions of 'Olympic,' 'Washington,' '2011' and 'E PLURIBUS UNUM' will join a reverse design emblematic of the national park. Final design information is not yet available.

Olympic Silver Coin Specifications

Mintmark: no mintmark present
Composition: 99.9% silver
Weight: five ounces
Diameter: three inches
Date of Issue: 2011
Mintages: Based on Demand
Obverse Designer/Sculptor: John Flanagan
Reverse Designer/Sculptor: TBD

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