2010 Hot Springs Quarter

The first coin to be released as part of the America the Beautiful™ Quarters program from the United States Mint is the 2010 Hot Springs National Park Quarter.

Hot Springs National Park Quarter - Click to Enlarge

Hot Springs National Park Quarter - Click to Enlarge

The coin was released into circulation on April 19, 2010, with a special ceremonial launch held the next day at the park on its 178th birthday.

In order to insure its availability for future public use, the federal government of the United States declared the area a reservation in 1832. This simple move marked the first time an area of land was so designated, and placed it directly under the control of federal authorities. This is why the quarter-dollar is the first America the Beautiful Quarter issue even though it was not the first designated National Park.

Even with this newfound protection, Hot Springs found itself abused by those interested in its therapeutic waters as well as those wanting to make a profit from them. This trend was reversed however in the late 1870's when the government started exercising control of the Hot Springs resources.

Today, thousands still flock to the location to take in both the Hot Springs as well as the history surrounding them.

Hot Springs Quarter Design

On the obverse (heads side) we still find an image of George Washington based on John Flanagan's portrait like has been seen on the quarter dollar since 1932. We also find the inscriptions 'United States of America,' 'Quarter Dollar,' 'Liberty,' 'In God We Trust' and the mint mark.

The reverse design features the Hot Springs National Park headquarters building with a thermal spring fountain in the foreground. The National Park Service emblem is featured to the right of the door. Inscriptions include 'HOT SPRINGS,' 'ARKANSAS,' '2010' and 'E PLURIBUS UNUM.'

Hot Springs Quarter Specifications

Mintmark: P, D, S
Composition: 91.67% Copper, 8.33% Nickel
Weight: 5.670 g
Diameter: 24.26 mm
Date of Issue: 2010
Mintages: Based on Demand
Obverse Designer/Sculptor: John Flanagan
Reverse Designer/Sculptor: Don Everhart / Joseph Menna

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